For any emergencies and any advice you may require; +44(0)151 336 2740 (24 hrs) or email: info@liferaftsinternational.co.uk

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Based in Cheshire and originally formed in June 1970, Liferafts International has been involved at the forefront of maritime safety service industry for almost 50 years. We are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced team of service engineers that are dedicated to ensuring that all the equipment we sell and service is of the highest quality standard.

Along with servicing, we also supply a marine safety equipment including liferafts, lifejackets, The Jason’s Cradle and a full range of safety equipment carried aboard merchant ships, ferries, yachts & fishing vessel from all around the world.

Liferafts International also holds approvals from many major manufacturers and are fully accredited by United Kingdom Government (Marine Coastguard Agency), demonstrating the quality commitment of our company.

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