14 Man SeaSafe Pro-Light SOLAS B Liferaft


14 Man SOLAS B SeaSafe Pro-Light Liferaft in Container Only

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14 Man SOLAS B ORC Liferaft in Container Only

This liferaft is part of the SeaSafe Pro-Light Range but does not carry the ISO approval


The inflatable tubes are made of natural rubber, with very flexible mechanial properties, thus providing heightened resistance to breakage. The tubes are assembled by manual gluing, a guarantee of quality and durability. The floor, made from identical material as the tubes, is covered with a complex insulator, close cell foam coated in aluminium film.


The raft is equipped with ballasting from integral water pockets.

The inflatable tubes are comprised of 3 independent zones (Arch, Upper and Lower Tubes)

The raft is equipped with SOLAS accredited reflective strips, spread across the entire structure thus guaranteeing better visual pinpointing.

The canopy has gutters for collecting rainwater.


L780mm x W500mm x H320mm

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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 82 × 40 × 30 cm


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